My First Blog Post!

Hello Beauties,

Let me start off by saying, Happy new year and welcome to my blog page! I finally decided to create a blog to share my passion for all things beauty.

Here is a little background about myself. I grew up as a total tom-boy with my hair always up in a bun, a baggy sweatshirt on with my favorite skater shoes. Sooner or later, just like any teenage girl, I began dabbling with make-up in high school and realized how fun it really was! As I began practicing make-up looks and hairstyles on my girlfriends, I mostly appreciated their feedback. It felt amazing to know someone felt beautiful because of what I had done. From then on, I was hooked and I began my freelance journey.

Current day, I am definitely your average beauty addict. I enjoy trying new products and see what works for all skin types. I mainly try to focus on a proper skincare regiment. Without a proper regiment, your make-up wouldn’t look as flawless as it would.

With that said, keep a look out for my future posts. To do so, simply submit your email and click the “follow” button below.

XOXO, Sonia


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