Valentine’s Day: 3-step Lip care Routine


Hello Beauties!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! I wanted to share my 3-step lip care routine for soft, smooch-able lips.

Step 1: Exfoliate

You can purchase lip scrubs anywhere. I like to save money when I can (and spend it all on make-up hehe) so the items I use are all found in my kitchen. Little granulated sugar, honey and you’re set. Simple as that! Here’s my quick recipe:

Step 2: Moisturize

After all that scrubbing, your lips are ready to be moisturized. Although I rotate my products, I always end up reaching for my trusted coconut oil. It’s such a great moisturizer for your hair, face and body. You can grab a small pea-size amount in the middle of your palm, rub it in and apply to your lips. The coconut oil is a medium chained fatty acid which makes it one of the only oils that will absorb into your skin the quickest without that slippery oily feel.

Step 3: Apply your favorite lip product

You can put on your favorite lipstick or a tinted lip balm or lip-stain . Here are some of my favorites:

I’d love to know how this worked for you, leave a comment below!

XOXO, Sonia


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