Combat this Fall heat wave!

Hello Beauties! Anyone else suffering from dry chapped skin during this holiday heat?! Is it Summer or Fall, cause I can't tell. If you're like me suffering from seasonal allergies with this weather change, here are my top favorite products to get my skin and body through it all: 1. Molivera Organics Raw African Organic Grade …

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All about Setting Powders

Hello Beauties! There are many powders on the market that have various formulas but all do the same thing -- set your make-up. With over 15 years of make-up experience and testing out products that I felt fit my needs as well as my clients, I have narrowed down to a few that I find …

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Skin Care Review: Beauty Counter, Dahliana & Annmarie

Hello Beauties! I am back with another skincare review on a few brands I've been testing out for several weeks now. As you all know, I blog for Skintegrative and they were kind enough to provide me with several cleansers and moisturizers which do more than just cleanse and moisturize. What I loved most about …

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