Sagekat: Feature!

Hello Beauties, I was featured on! If you are not aware of who Sagekat is, they are one of the top sources of "green fashion" where they provide recommendations on ethical skincare and beauty products and much more. Click on this -> link to be directed to the site and review the article 🙂 XOXO, …

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Homemade Organic Blueberry Coconut Popsicle’s

Hello Beauties! For some reason, I always tend to have a sweet tooth late at night. I am sure you all can relate! To feel less guilty, I decided to start making my own desserts at home. These are super easy to make and delicious to eat! Prep time: 5 minutes / Serves: 6 Items: …

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2017’s Hottest Beauty Trends

Hello Beauties! My new article has gone live at The article highlights the hottest beauty trends for 2017 with some expert advice from our fellow Dermatologist, Raja, on each trend. Highlights: Microblading Black Bottom Liner Gray Balayage Charcoal Masks Glitter - yes, it's back! Thanks for stopping by and leave your feedback below! XOXO, …

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