Skincare Review: SIBU & NutriBiotic Moisturizers

Hello Beauties! I am back again with a review on two wonderful and natural skincare lines, SIBU and NutriBiotic. Now that I am in my 30's, I want to focus on giving my skin the right amount of TLC so that I can try to keep my skin soft and supple as long as possible. …

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2017’s Hottest Beauty Trends

Hello Beauties! My new article has gone live at The article highlights the hottest beauty trends for 2017 with some expert advice from our fellow Dermatologist, Raja, on each trend. Highlights: Microblading Black Bottom Liner Gray Balayage Charcoal Masks Glitter - yes, it's back! Thanks for stopping by and leave your feedback below! XOXO, …

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